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An all-inclusive inspection is crucial in determining an effective mold abatement process for your specified mold issue. At Five Boro Mold Specialist, we offer unparalleled diligence in mold inspections, providing the most comprehensive and detailed assessment possible.
  1. Five Boro Mold Specialist sends down two certified technicians, as well as an environmental analyst to perform a full mold inspection of your premises. They start by collecting pertinent information from you in regards to any water damage you may have had in the past, the length of time and reason you suspect you have a mold problem as well as any possible health symptoms you have been experiencing. This will provide them with a brief insight as to the cause of your concern.

  2. Our technicians then perform a visual assessment by doing a walk through to determine possible areas of suspect growth. Infrared Thermography images are taken throughout, to ascertain possible indications of water damage, the source of any moisture intrusions as well as any construction defects possibly causing or attributing to your mold issue.

  3. The technicians will then take both swab and air samples to be evaluated by a microbial laboratory for analysis. The swab sample will determine if mold is present on the surface; the type and severity of the mold species present; and the toxicity level of the mold; while the air sample (when used with an outdoor baseline sample for comparison) will determine if elevated levels of airborne mold spores are present throughout the air in your premises and if so, the type, severity and toxicity level of the mold spores as well.

  1. Tests will also be taken using moisture readers and air particle counters from both indoors and outdoors, showing immediate results, which will be conveyed to you upon completion of your mold assessment as well as in your Mold Inspection Report.

  2. Within 2-3 business days, we submit your laboratory results to you along with your full Mold Inspection Report. Your report will contain all Infrared and Digital images taken during the mold inspection, along with a full explanation of all images. Your report will also elaborate on the technicians' general findings and recommendations, explaining the severity of mold growth in your property as well as the remediation process necessary to remove the mold and any steps necessary to prevent the mold from re-occurring.

  3. Once the report is sent to you, a representative from our office administration will contact you to review your report, clarifying the results of your mold inspection and providing recommendations on how you should proceed and will follow up with you as you see fit.

We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive Mold Inspection Report available in the industry. Top quality is our specialty as your personal objectives remain the foreground in establishing successful remediation or reparative action that's right for you.