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NYC Mold Inspection Services and NYC Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal New York City is a premier mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal, and mold remediation companies in NYC,NY .

These professional and certified mold inspection, mold detection and mold removal contractors NYC , provide services to apartments, homes, commercial buildings, restaurants, spas and other residential and commercial properties.

The process of mold remediation starts with state-of-the-art mold inspection using infrared cameras to detect mold colonies and/or a mold infestation not yet visible to the naked eye via laser scanners for foundation beams. Mold testing swab samples are taken throughout the building, along with air quality readings, measuring airborne mold spores, are all then sent to sophisticated NYC mold testing lab for a detailed mold inspection and mold testing report. The mold testing results provide technicians a clear picture of the mold prevalence, type and density. This analysis dictates treatment methods and strategies and also what needs to be done in the future to prevent another mold infestation. The mold inspection and mold testing report will also determine if the type of mold is toxic, non toxic, or soon to be toxic. If it is determined that themold problem is serious , the a NYC mold removal service and mold decontamination service will be suggested.

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