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If you live in high risk areas like New York City, you should seriously consider having a professional mold inspection company come out and conduct a thorough mold investigation for peace of mind. Hurricane Sandy flooding has caused a tremendous problem for the greater NYC area, as most of the buildings will be affected by mold growth at some point in time.

What Is Involved In Our NYC Mold Inspection and NYC Mold Testing Services ?

  1. A Complete Thorough Mold Inspection Conducted by Two Certified NYC mold inspectors.
  2. A walkthrough of the entire property using simple vision and high tech infrared technologies to scan for mold growth and moisture intrusions.
  3. Air swab samples and Physical swab samples to be sent to the lab for NYC mold testing standards.
  4. Use of Moisture readers and air particle counters for even more data collection.
  5. A comprehensive mold inspection report is given to the client, with information, images, data collected from the inital mold inspection, and also the results from the professional mold testing in NYC.
  6. A staff member from Five Boro Mold Specialist INC. will follow up with the client to further assist with any other questions they may have.

NYC Mold Abatement Services

Is there mold lurking in your home ? This is a very serious question people should be asking when it comes to indoor air quality along with living in a healthy environment. Mold is quite obviously naturally ocurring, in contrast, some types of mold can be very poisonous and quite toxic. In order to ensure you and your families health and well being, having an annual or semi annual mold inspection test conducted is highly recommended as a mold colony can flourish in as little as 24 hours hours !

Map of Areas Served-

New York City Mold Services - Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island, Bronx, Queens

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New York City Mold Removal Services

A full mold inspection is crucial in determining an effective mold abatement procedure for your specified mold problems. At Five Boro Mold Specialist INC, we offer professional mold inspection, mold testing, mold remediation, and mold prevention services, providing the most comprehensive and detailed mold inspection reporting services.

If mold has been disovered in your home or building, then a professional NYC mold removal and mold remediation service would be the best method to safely and properly remove the toxic mold from your home or property.

NYC Mold Remediation & NYC Mold Abatement Companies

A complete mold elimination process from the initial mold inspection to mold removal is the only safe way to ensure that your home, office, or properties are healthy environments to be in.

NYC Mold Prevention

Preventing excessive moisture within your home, basement, attic, crawlspaces, will help contribute to safeguarding your home from a toxic mold infestation. As mold spores travel through the air, pretty much anyone and everyone can be at risk for a toxic mold infestation.

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NYC Mold Inspection and Mold Removal Companies in NY, NYC

10 Mold Facts for Homeowners, Landlords, Tenants & Employers

1-Airborne mold spores are everywhere both indoors and outdoors. Resident and employee health is at serious risk if there are elevated levels of mold spores indoors, as compared to an outdoor mold control test.

2-The most dangerous indoor molds are Ascospores, Aspergillus, Chaetomium, Cladosporium, Fusarium, Mucor, Penicillium, and Stachybotrys. Mold testing and mold laboratory analysis are required to identify specific mold species.

3- Mold spores may cause serious health problems even if the spores are dead or dormant (inactive while waiting for more moisture to resume growth.) Even the smell of dead or dormant mold can make some mold-sensitive persons ill.

4- Indoor mold growth can and should be prevented by controlling moisture levels indoors. If porous and/or organic materials are wet for more than 24 hours, mold growth can begin.

5- Mold grows by destroying organic building materials and other cellulose-based materials such as carpeting, upholstery, and clothing. The longer that mold grows, the more structural damage can be incurred to the building.

6- Cellulose is the main substance in the cell walls of plants (and thus of wood), and it is used in the manufacture of many organic building materials such as drywall, plasterboard, plywood substitutes, and ceiling tiles, all of which are common breeding grounds for mold growth when proper moisture and humidity conditions are present.

7- Mold can grow hidden and undetected inside wall and ceiling cavities; beneath wallpaper, paneling, and carpeting; and inside heating and cooling equipment and ducts, attics, crawl spaces, and basements.

8- Mold growth is often the result of a structural or construction defect, or of maintenance neglect, that allows moisture to enter a home or building.

9- The property owner or employer should address any and all water problems (including but not limited to: roof leaks, plumbing leaks, high indoor humidity etc) that enable mold to grow. Mold remediation should be performed by certified mold remediation personnel with experience in microbial investigation and abatement.

10- One common misconception among those experiencing mold growth in their home or property, is that bleach can be used to effectively kill mold. In reality, using bleach on surface mold will aggravate the spores, making them airborne to be inhaled, ultimately causing an exacerbated and reoccurring mold problem.

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